We offer printer parts, and supplies, also TROUBLESHOOTING OVER EMAIL AND PHONE to help you fix your printer

We have so many products in our catalog of products we know it gets confusing so instead letting you order blind we strive to work directly with the customer to achieve the correct part being sent every time and also we inform customers of the technical rating of the repair.

One of the best troubleshooting tools we have available to our customers is the service and repair manuals for HP and Lexmark printers.

Manuals are available to view and download on google drive for your convenience after purchase.

Ways we can help you

Our goal is to help you diagnosis and fix your printers problems without the expense of a costly technician and we also can get you the repair parts needed with pricing and shipping to help you repair your HP and Lexmark Laserjet printers. We can also sometimes help with other brands of laserjet printers. Some of the items we sell but are not limited to are:

  • Paper Jam Kits
  • Fusers
  • Transfer Kits
  • Paper Trays
  • Service and/or repair Manuals

we can let you know the Fix it yourself technical level

How we can help you fix your printer

Diagnosis your printer

We have service and repair manuals for HP and Lexmark printers online along with live chat to help you.

Pricing and availbility

We can check our vast catalog for the part/s that you are in need of and give you pricing and availability within 2 hours.

2 day shipping

We offer 2 day shipping on most parts to most locations by having locations all across the country.


We work with HP certified repair technicians and we have a vast database of troubleshooting tools for HP and Lexmark laserjet printers to help you to narrow down your printer problems.
We also can sometimes give our customers insight to other laserjet brands problems if needed.